Recruitment of Partners

A company enjoying stable development and backed by 20 years of security engineering experience, Home Alarm has made itself the leader in surveillance security market. In the most aggressive growth stage presently, we are keen to recruit appropriate business partners. 

Home Alarm is keen to extend its business empire to the entire west coast states—Penang, Ipoh, Melaka and Johor. We have mapped out a win/win business plan and a consummate partnership plan to build a strong surveillance security empire with willing business partners.

The surveillance security industry enjoys a bright prospect. Furthermore, with our hi-tech product series, mature expertise and adequate inventory, we are raring to provide technical training and support to make our business partners a winner!

The surveillance security industry is a time-resistant trade, teeming with a bright future. With Home Alarm as your strong back-up, the entry threshold is greatly reduced. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us directly.


About Us

A renowned home security brand name in Malaysia, Home Alarm Automation Sdn Bhd (384140-T) focuses on ‘surveillance protection systems’. With 20 years of solid experience behind us, we have won the highest accolades from the police and developers with our outstanding engineering feats!

Home Alarm is an established brand of ‘security system’. Our core value lies in our experience and expertise, coupled with our advanced hi-tech home security systems, to provide the most complete protection for our customers’ homes and commercial lots.

Own Brands

In order to be more competitive, Home Alarm has come up with, through OEM, our own brand of quality CCTV, alarm and auto-gate, a feat rarely shared by other surveillance security enterprises in Malaysia. We brand our own CCTV and alarms under Axeco, and our auto-gates, Brodor, with proper trademark registration (TM). With our own brands, besides being more competitive in pricing, we are able to control product quality to ensure that our customers are buying value-for-money security products.