Our Services

Service Process

Home Alarm has the most efficient and sophisticated service process. Take CCTV for example. We supply different CCTV to our customers in accordance with their requirements, and with due consideration on image sharpness, position of installation, daytime and night time illumination etc. Our service process is as shown below: 

  1. Different environments demand different requirements, so we start s needs to ensure that the security system accords practical protection.
  2. The next stage involves actual site inspection by the Home Alarm expert. He will assess the environment and security goals. As a surveillance security expert, we will pro-actively provide the customer with professional solutions. 
  3. Once the solutions have been finalised, we will draft a professional proposal to let the customer have a preliminary concept on the entire security plan. 
  4. Once the project has been confirmed, each case will be handled by a security expert who serves as a liaison between the customer and the technician to ensure that the security project is completed on time.

We have set this service process based on our years of experience, an impeccable service rarely matched by the competition.

After-sales Service

The surveillance security industry is one that requires a lot of after-sales service. A lot of consumers complain that after installation, they cannot get good follow-up service, which is a serious common problem in the surveillance security industry!

Surveillance security products are no ordinary products. When there is a dysfunction, there is no signal. For example, when an alarm is out of order, the defect is usually discovered after a burglary. Hence highly reliable after-sales service is needed to safeguard against any potential Home Alarm undertakes to meet all your after-sales requirements. With 20 years of professional backing and stable development as well as the establishment of a professional after-sales service team, we can provide regular after-sales service, making Home Alarm the security service provider of choice with this unique advantage.

About Us

A renowned home security brand name in Malaysia, Home Alarm Automation Sdn Bhd (384140-T) focuses on ‘surveillance protection systems’. With 20 years of solid experience behind us, we have won the highest accolades from the police and developers with our outstanding engineering feats!

Home Alarm is an established brand of ‘security system’. Our core value lies in our experience and expertise, coupled with our advanced hi-tech home security systems, to provide the most complete protection for our customers’ homes and commercial lots.

Own Brands

In order to be more competitive, Home Alarm has come up with, through OEM, our own brand of quality CCTV, alarm and auto-gate, a feat rarely shared by other surveillance security enterprises in Malaysia. We brand our own CCTV and alarms under Axeco, and our auto-gates, Brodor, with proper trademark registration (TM). With our own brands, besides being more competitive in pricing, we are able to control product quality to ensure that our customers are buying value-for-money security products.