Media Coverage

Home Alarm, as the leader in surveillance security market, has been commissioned for all sizes of security projects over the years, accumulating vast experience in the process and winning word of mouth among our customers. It has been invited for guest appearance on radio and television on numerous occasions to talk about security precautions in Malaysia. 

Home Alarm founder Mr. Kelvin Wong has appeared in 8TV, NTV 7, TV9 etc. Safety issues in Malaysia have been getting from bad to worse recently. National papers such as China Press, Oriental Press etc. have interviewed Mr. Kelvin Wong on safety precautions in cities and issues on home security. 

Apart from that, Home Alarm was invited by Ampang police force in Kuala Lumpur to co-organize ‘Residential Protection Awareness Campaign’ to, hand-in-hand with the police, educate the public on residential protection and contingency measures. Home Alarm’s contribution was rewarded with high praises from Ampang police force.


About Us

A renowned home security brand name in Malaysia, Home Alarm Automation Sdn Bhd (384140-T) focuses on ‘surveillance protection systems’. With 20 years of solid experience behind us, we have won the highest accolades from the police and developers with our outstanding engineering feats!

Home Alarm is an established brand of ‘security system’. Our core value lies in our experience and expertise, coupled with our advanced hi-tech home security systems, to provide the most complete protection for our customers’ homes and commercial lots.

Own Brands

In order to be more competitive, Home Alarm has come up with, through OEM, our own brand of quality CCTV, alarm and auto-gate, a feat rarely shared by other surveillance security enterprises in Malaysia. We brand our own CCTV and alarms under Axeco, and our auto-gates, Brodor, with proper trademark registration (TM). With our own brands, besides being more competitive in pricing, we are able to control product quality to ensure that our customers are buying value-for-money security products.